If you’re a recent graduate interested in couples therapy or simply want to switch the focus of your practice to couples, you have no doubt heard of the Gottman Method.
The Gottman Method gives couples the tools they need to enjoy healthy, secure relationships. And it’s important to note at the outset that, according to plenty of studies1…

The Gottman Method is incredibly effective at improving marital relationships.

This is particularly true when it comes to gay and lesbian couples. In a study conducted by the founders of the Couples Therapy Training Academy2, it was revealed that…

Homosexual couples who received Gottman Method therapy improved over twice as much as most couples in nearly half the number of sessions that’s typical for heterosexual couples.

Sounds great, right?
But if you’re just starting out, you’ll need specialized training in order to build a successful couples therapy practice. That’s because…

Trust is key between a therapist and their patients. And that trust includes the faith the couple has in your ability to help them repair their relationship.

At the Couples Therapy Training Academy, our students not only secure great outcomes for their couples by using the Gottman Method, but they do so almost immediately.
Because over and above being effective…
The Gottman Method is also efficient.
Most of our students have an average couple length of stay between 9 and 11 sessions.
By helping couples to heal their relationships in a relatively short period of time, you establish a positive reputation for your practice.
Now, you might be thinking that learning the Gottman Method and its techniques will take years of practice and trial and error, right?
The great news is that…
The Gottman Method – as the Couples Therapy Training Academy teaches it – is easy to learn.

We provide you with a solid, proven framework that allows you to handle almost any argument a couple is having in session.

You will learn how to maneuver even the most difficult of issues and couples. And because you’re relying on a trusted framework, you won’t lose composure while doing so.
We will also give you access to an assessment that can be used to custom-build a treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of your couples. It serves as a road map that you can follow in your sessions.

Interested in learning more about Level 1 and 2 Gottman Method training at the Couples Therapy Training Academy?

We created the Couples Therapy Training Academy for clinicians committed to learning more and gaining confidence in their practice.
Find out how the Couples Therapy Training Academy can help boost the success of your practice by clicking here.
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