Advanced Couples Therapy
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Use our proven formula to become an expert couples therapist while building a small, but profitable six-figure therapy practice without adding extra hours to your schedule

Hello Clinicians and Relationship Experts!

Would you like some help implementing the Gottman Method, while attracting great full-fee clients to your practice?

Our Advanced Couples Therapy Mastermind members get access to the most important Gottman training tools, as well as advanced training on affairs, addiction, meta emotion mismatch, and much more in our video library.

Using our proven method, we also show you how to generate more revenue in your practice (and raise your rates) without adding more direct therapy hours into your week.

This strategy reflects the exact steps that I developed and refined myself to create a small, but very profitable private practice

FREE PDF CHECKLIST DOWNLOAD shows how to generate more revenue in your practice (and raise your rates) without adding more direct therapy hours into your week…

In this FREE checklist, you’ll discover how to take your therapy or counseling practice to the next level, including:

The 3 big (but fixable) mistakes that keep therapists from breaking through to the next revenue ceiling…

How to quickly expose more local people to your counseling practice, and serve more clients in different ways…

The easiest way to pull away from insurance and online platforms that don’t reimburse you what you’re worth, and create a therapy practice that nourishes you in return…

The fastest way to develop your counseling skills (without doing another degree or certification) while getting motivated clients into your practice…

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“I’m four months into this Advanced Mastermind, and it’s already paid for itself in terms of increased session fees and creation of a scalable product with Sam and Alapaki’s help.”

Krista Niles, LCSW

“I’m now part of a cohort of therapists with similar goals. I no longer feel like I’m building my practice in a vacuum as I try to bring quality therapy to folks in my community.”

Cassandra Falby, MFT

“Now I can fit what I learned in the Mastermind to my personality. I’m now confident that I have something really solid to market to the world.”

Carolyn Jasculca, MFT


Watch Video and Get Checklist