Advanced Gottman Mastermind Group

Use our proven formula to become an expert couples therapist while building a small, but profitable six-figure therapy practice without adding extra hours to your schedule.

Hello Clinicians!

This is Sam Garanzini and Alapaki Yee, – Certified Gottman Therapists.

Contact us if you’re interested in joining our Advanced Gottman Mastermind Group!
As a Mastermind, we focus on helping you:
  • … know what to do with your couples
  • … feel confident about what you’re doing
  • … adjust when they don’t do what you want
  • … get ready for Level 3 and certification
  • … build your practice

You don’t have to get it perfect!  You just have to practice!
Come practice with us!

The Advanced Gottman Mastermind Group Is On A Wait-List To New Members.
Please answer some questions here to be on the Priority Notification List for reopening.