Ultimate Couples Therapy Toolkit

Build Your Foundational Knowledge and Confidence
When Faced With Difficult Situations

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Please Note: This Toolkit is for Clinicians, Counselors and Coaches
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What’s included in the Ultimate Couples Therapy Toolkit?

To help maintain or grow your practice, you will receive unlimited access to:

TRAINING VIDEO #1 – How To Use the Couples Conflict Roadmap
How to use the Couples Conflict Roadmap, and demonstrations of intervening in the couples therapy room when you see problem behaviors occurring.

TRAINING VIDEO #2 – Pre-Screen Your Couples for Low Commitment
How to address natural ambivalence, low commitment, and contemplation of divorce, all of which can work directly against your efforts to strengthen the relationship.

TRAINING VIDEO #3 – Real Stories of How To Address Difficult Couples
Hear REAL stories from therapists of what have worked and what haven’t work when treating difficult couples, and motivating couples to do the work.

TRAINING VIDEO #4 – Demonstrations on How To Address Resistance
How do you get a couple to follow through on the homework you assign? We tackle exactly what to say in this situation and other common situations.

BONUS CLINICAL LASER TRAININGS (Normally $497) – What To Do With Extreme Emotional Disengagement (Case Study); What To Do When Couples Argue About Arguing; Responding When They Have One Foot Already Out The Door; Dealing With Couples’ Unrealistic Expectations Of Each Other (Case Study): And multiple additional videos being updated regularly…

BONUS MARKETING TRAININGS (Normally $197) – Making Your Couples Therapy Practice Resilient During Economic Uncertainty; How To Market Yourself From A Place Of Service And Avoid Being “Salesy”; How To Build Online Courses To Market Yourself Online And Build Passive Income

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Enroll in Course for $97


Well, that’s the beauty of this offer. Purchasing each component of the Ultimate Couples Therapy Toolkit separately costs a grand total of $700.

But you can get it all for just $97 when you grab this special limited time offer!

How is this different than other online courses about couples?

We wanted to create a course for beginner and advanced therapists. This is not a toolkit with a bunch of PDF’s for you to throw at your couples therapy sessions. These lessons are designed to get you through the 80/20 of the most difficult couples situations we regularly see.

You can watch the videos and download the handouts on any web browser, and our learning management system, Teachable, has a free app you can watch any of the courses hosted on their platform.

Of course. The Ultimate Couples Therapy Toolkit is protected by our money-back guarantee. That means you can go through it at your leisure, keep it if you like it, and if it’s not for you, simply email us within 30 days for a full, no-fuss refund.

Unfortunately, there are no CEU’s with the training because the licensing boards have tightened restrictions since COVID. Our “High Conflict Couples Masterclass” gives you access to a 10-unit CEU certificate, plus it goes deep into resistance, trauma relationships, affairs, and attachment.

Sure! But not for long… this offer expires in less than 48 hours. Why? Because we support all our purchasers and answer comments below each lesson. We have a lot of therapists to support, and can only take so many right now. If you’re still not convinced, here’s what we suggest – get yourself instant access today while the offer is still available.