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TRAINING VIDEO #1 – How To Use the Couples Conflict Roadmap
How to use the Couples Conflict Roadmap, and demonstrations of intervening in the couples therapy room when you see problem behaviors occurring

TRAINING VIDEO #2 – Pre-Screen Your Couples for Low Commitment
How to address natural ambivalence, low- commitment, and contemplation of divorce, all of which can work directly against your efforts to strengthen the relationship.

TRAINING VIDEO #3 – Real Stories of How To Address Difficult Couples
Hear REAL stories from therapists of what have worked and what haven’t work when treating difficult couples, and motivating couples to do the work.

TRAINING VIDEO #4 – Demonstrations on How To Address Resistance
How do you get a couple to follow through on the homework you assign? We tackle exactly what to say in this situation and other common situations.

Find answers on WHAT to do when things just don’t go as planned.

This is all the important couples therapy information that wasn’t taught in grad school.

Get started moments from now, building your foundational knowledge of couples therapy, and strengthening your confidence during those difficult situations.

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Enroll in Course for $97