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Your Training Options…

Couples Therapy Level 1 workshop provides a wealth of information about couples dynamics, marital assessment, couples exercises and therapeutic interventions.

Discover How To Have An Immediate Impact With Your Couples. The most important training in the three-level series where you learn to APPLY the Gottman method under supervision.

Get your most challenging couples committed and engaged in therapy, connect directly with industry experts LIVE, and navigate the new telehealth economy in this virtual Masterclass…

Build Your Foundational Knowledge and Confidence When Faced With Difficult Situations. Get Training On The Most Difficult Couples Therapy Situations…

Our Advanced Couples Therapy Mastermind members get access to the most important Gottman training tools, as well as advanced training on affairs, addiction, meta emotion mismatch, and much more in our video library.


We will help you to become more confident as a couple.

CASE STUDY: “He’s Not Manly Enough” — Using the Gottman Method in the Face of Unrealistic Expectations

By |March 13th, 2020|

When a couple seeks therapy, in most cases, the love is still there. At the very least, the two partners still like each other. But what if one partner seems to have nothing but [...]

What to Do When a Couple Have At Least One Foot Out the Door

By |March 13th, 2020|

As couples’ therapists, we’re all welcoming new couples through our doors every day. Most, if not all, come to us because they’re having problems in their relationships and need our help to solve their [...]

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